Whom is this website intended for?

On this website, the portal “Service Hessen”, you can find all services offered by the German Federal State of Hessen. Should you want to know for example…

  • how to apply for a passport,
  • where to get your marriage certificate,
  • who to inform and what to take care of in the event of a death,
  • where to find information on legal provisions, administrative regulations, official forms and other helpful information for your company,
  • what to consider regarding official documents and certificates or
  • what exactly is behind the acronyms ELER, EFRE and ESF…

then you have found the right place to look further.

Furthermore you are able to access several online services and application procedures. This service in general will be extended and new features will be added in the future. Please return regularly to stay informed about what is new on this website.



Navigation Rechts Navigation on the right site © Land Hessen

A left click on “Hessen.de“ will take you to the official website of the State of Hessen. The link “Gebärdensprache” leads to a site with an embedded video that explains this website in German Sign Language. An overview like this in simple langue (German) can be found using the link “Leichte Sprache”. The site “English” is the site you are reading right now.


This site has been designed to be as easy and intuitive to navigate as possible. The Hessian coat of arms in the upper left corner of the website

Logo des Landes Hessen Logo of Hessen © Land Hessen

is accessible at all times and will instantly take you back to the main page with a single click.


The Main Page is divided into:

  • the page header described above,
  • the search bar in the upper right corner,
  • three tabs depicting the target audiences of this website, “Bürger“ (citizens), “Unternehmen“ (companies) und “Verwaltung“ (administration) along with “Übersicht“ (overview),
  • the Quick Access with its four boxes „Online-Services”, “Themen” (topics), “Behörden & Institutionen (authorities and institutions) and “Kontaktmöglichkeiten” (contact information) and
  • the page footer giving access to the main topics and other information like the contact form, sitemap, the career portal, data security information and the legal notice.


Search bar

Searchbar Search bar © Land Hessen

Like the Hessian coat of arms, the search bar is accessible from any content site of this website at all times as well. Just click on the word “Suchbegriff” and enter one or more terms you want to search for. The more exact your choice of search terms is, the more precise the result of your search will be. Start the search with a click on the magnifying glass symbol or just tap the Enter key on your keyboard. You will automatically be presented with the search results page.

The search results page will initially only show results found within this website, “Service Hessen”. From there you have the possibility to adjust the settings of the search to filter for certain types of content, different resorts and time spans. If needed, you also have the option to broaden the search and find results not only from this particular website but all content in the whole State of Hessen.


Target Audience Tabs

Hauptbereiche Target Audience Tabs © Land Hessen

The target audience tabs are structured similarly to each other. They mainly differ from each other in terms of their particular content and are intended to give a better overview for each audience. The portal site “Service Hessen” gives information for three main target audiences, “Bürger“ (citizens), “Unternehmen“ (companies) und the “Verwaltung“ (administration) itself.

Bürger (citizens)

This tab leads to topics that mainly citizens are be interested in. Should you, as a citizen, not know who to contact in order to register your dog for example or should you have questions about income taxes or waste disposal, this is the best tab to look into.

Unternehmen (companies)

This tabs takes you to topics and services for companies, ordered by topics from A to Z. Here you can find articles about location factors for example or about foreign trade, retention of professional employees or about qualification.

Verwaltung (administration)

All topics concerning the administration like regional and spatial planning or geo-information are to be found here along with all an overview of all authorities (see “Behörden & Institutionen” on the main page). A click on this tab takes you to the section for the administration itself.

Übersicht (overview)

This tab is presented in grey to show that it offers additional functions that are independent from any target audience. Here you can find an overview of all topics and services offered by the State of Hessen. In case the differentiation by target audiences is not helping you find what you are looking for, you still have the option to scan through every page by hand.

In addition to that you will find the page “Häufig gestellte Fragen” which is the German term for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Questions that reach us more frequently than others are listed and answered here to give you a quick and easy help to navigate and use this website.


Quick Access

Schnelleinstieg Quick Access © Land Hessen


In this section you will find all online services and information about the Hessian ministries, authorities, bureaus and press information for example. Apart from that you will find several online forms to manage your affairs easily from home.

Themen (topics)

This box gives you quick access to an overview of all topics that are part of this website. Topics are first divided into more general main topics and then specialized into different fields.

Behörden & Institutionen (authorities and institutions)

A click on this box takes you to an alphabetically sorted overview of all authorities and institutions together with schools, courts and other institutions of the State of Hessen. If needed, this overview can be filtered by postal code, city or the authority’s name in case you only know a part of the name for example.

Kontaktmöglichkeiten (contact information)

Should you wish to contact the Hessian administration directly, you can easily reach an overview of the different ways to get in touch by clicking on this quick access box.



Below the content of each page you find a list of the three target audience tabs and the tab “Übersicht” (overview) that already shows the main content of each tab. A click on “Unternehmen” (companies) for example directly takes you to the according section of the website.

In the footer bar itself

Fußzeile Footer © Land Hessen

you find further information about the Service Hessen portal site, a sitemap (“Inhaltsübersicht”), the legal notice and data security information. Furthermore you find links to get in touch with us (see the Quick Access box “Kontaktmöglichkeiten”) or information about career opportunities in the Hessian administration (federal administration, schools, authorities, institutions etc.).